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inner planet of the Solar System, inferior planet
Part ofInner Solar System Cokic
Has useterraforming of Venus, colonization of Venus Cokic
Named afterVenus Cokic
DemonymVenusian, Venerian, Venusano, Vénusien, زُهَرِيٌّ Cokic
LocationInner Solar System Cokic
Highest pointSkadi Mons Cokic
Child astronomical bodyNeith Cokic
Parent astronomical bodyAkɔ̈l Cokic
Has qualityorbit of Venus, life on Venus Cokic
NotationVenus symbol Cokic
EpochJ2000.0 Cokic
Stack Exchange tag Cokic
Unicode character Cokic

♀ Cier ayï Magorgor[1] (kït: ♀)

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