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Hiena manchada (Crocuta crocuta), parque nacional Kruger, Sudáfrica, 2018-07-26, DD 22.jpg
Taxon nameCrocuta crocuta Cokic
Taxon rankspecies Cokic
Parent taxonCrocuta Cokic
Taxon common namekrokuta cętkowana Cokic
Original combinationCanis crocuta Cokic
IUCN conservation statusLeast Concern Cokic
Start time3500000 years BCE Cokic
Produced soundscreaming Cokic
Diel cyclenocturnal Cokic
Sequenced genome URL Cokic
IUCN taxon ID5674 Cokic


Dikconari[cokic | cok tënëyökic]

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