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mineral species
Subclass ofcarbon-silicon family, allotrope of carbon, flammable solid, material, native element as a mineral Cokic
Named afterwriting Cokic
Associated hazardgraphite exposure Cokic
Has effectgraphite exposure Cokic
Chemical formulaC Cokic
Streak colorblack Cokic
Crystal systemhexagonal crystal system Cokic
Space groupspace group P6₃/mmc Cokic
IMA status and/or rankgrandfathered mineral (G) Cokic
IMA Mineral SymbolGr Cokic
Strunz 8th edition (series ID, updated)I/B.02a Cokic
Nickel-Strunz 9th edition (updated 2009)1.CB.05a Cokic
Nickel-Strunz '10th ed', review of (9th ed/ 2009 update)1.CB.05a Cokic
NIOSH Pocket Guide ID0306 Cokic


Dikconari[cokic | cok tënëyökic]

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