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mineral species
Subclass ofcarbon-silicon family, allotrope of carbon, flammable solid, material, native element mineral Cokic
Named afterwriting Cokic
Has effectgraphite exposure Cokic
Chemical formulaC Cokic
Streak colorblack Cokic
Crystal systemhexagonal crystal system Cokic
Space groupspace group P6₃/mmc Cokic
IMA status and/or rankgrandfathered mineral (G) Cokic
IMA Mineral SymbolGr Cokic
Strunz 8th edition (series ID, updated)I/B.02 Cokic
Nickel-Strunz 9th edition (updated 2009)1.CB.05a Cokic
Nickel-Strunz '10th ed', review of (9th ed/ 2009 update)1.CB.05a Cokic
NIOSH Pocket Guide ID0306 Cokic


Dikconari[cokic | cok tënëyökic]

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