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Interwiki links[cok tënëyökic]

I was putting them into en.wp from din.wp because a bot on the English edition will add them to Wikidata. There are no bots running here. Koavf (jam) 19:12, 14 Pɛnëdhorou 2017 (EAT)[reply]

The usual practice is to add them to the Incubator as old-school interlanguage links and let the bot do it towards the end of the wiki creation procedure. Running it is explicitly written in the procedure.
Ideally, even that part shouldn't be needed—either Wikidata should work in Incubator, or we would get rid of Incubator entirely :) --Amire80 (jam) 19:21, 14 Pɛnëdhorou 2017 (EAT)[reply]
I posted on Phab asking when support for din will be added to Wikidata. Thanks. Koavf (jam) 20:26, 14 Pɛnëdhorou 2017 (EAT)[reply]