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'''Que Tran Van''' (born 1 November 2001) is a Vietnamese born illegal immigrant as she crossed through America without any documents or paperwork. She is considered to be a refugee when she arrived in America, and she was in 10th grade in September 2016. She is even too young to be in 10th grade, as she is only 14 years 10 months old when she started school in Boston. She even slept in a hotel in Dubai unaccompanied, and flew an airplane when she is not old enough.<ref>{{cite web|url=https://centyu.blogspot.com/2017/08/que-tran-van-is-illegal-immigrant.html|title=Illegal Immigrant successfully made it to America!!|last=Anderson|first=Pahl|work=Centyu|date=2017-08-18|accessdate=2017-08-22}}</ref>
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Her parents are filthy rich, as they are full Vietnamese doctors, and they really are smart. They could do simple algorithms in just less than a whole minute, and they really are educated. She is the youngest of 2 children, and her older sibling is 8 years older than her. She starts a life unaccompanied, and she could do whatever she could throw off it. That said, she isn't arrested even though she is an illegal immigrant that comes to America without any years of paperwork, just with less than a year. Now, [[Donald Trump|Trump]] bans Muslims, and she resides in her home in Vietnam because she is a Muslim girl. She is really smart, but hope that she doesn't get arrested next time she comes to Vietnam.
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