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infectious disease, class of disease, symptom or sign
Subclass ofviral infectious disease, skin disease, Poxviridae infectious disease, eradicated disease, particular disease Cokic
Has causeVariola virus (vaccinia) Cokic
Afflictshuman Cokic
Health specialtyinfectious diseases Cokic
Medical examinationphysical examination, electron microscope, passive hemagglutination test Cokic
Drug or therapy used for treatmentmetisazone, tecovirimat Cokic
Anatomical locationzone of skin Cokic
Dissolved, abolished or demolished date1978 Cokic
Described at URL Cokic
Has natural reservoirhuman Cokic
WordLift URL Cokic
ICD-9-CM050.9, 050 Cokic
ICPC 2 IDA76 Cokic
NCI Thesaurus IDC35027 Cokic
Patientplus IDSmallpox Cokic


Dikconari[cokic | cok tënëyökic]

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