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The Bangkok Supermoon Photographs by Peak Hora 10.jpg
natural satellite, planetary-mass moon
Part ofEarth-Moon system Cokic
Inception4527 million years BCE Cokic
Named afterlight Cokic
Countryno value Cokic
Located on astronomical bodyPɛɛi Cokic
DioceseRoman Catholic Diocese of Orlando Cokic
Parent astronomical bodyEarth Cokic
Type of orbitelliptic orbit Cokic
Usecolonization of the Moon Cokic
Has qualitymagnetic field of the Moon, moonquake Cokic
History of topicorigin of the Moon Cokic
Lunar coordinates0°N, 0°E Cokic


Dikconari[cokic | cok tënëyökic]

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