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Tuany rac

Jɔk Wikipedia
tuany rac
mode of transmission
Subclass ofinfectious disease Cokic
Has causehuman sexual behavior, infection, sexual risk behavior, absence Cokic
Health specialtyinfectious diseases Cokic
Medical examinationhistopathology, blood culture, pelvic examination Cokic
Possible treatmentantibiotic, antiviral drug, ablation, local anti-infective agent, post-exposure prophylaxis Cokic
Handled, mitigated, or managed bysafe sex, barrier contraception, screening, monogamy, sexual abstinence Cokic
ICPC 2 IDA78 Cokic

Tuany rac[1]

Dikconari[cokic | cok tënëyökic]

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